Early Learning Hub

What are Early Learning Hubs?

August 22, 2023

What are Early Learning Hubs?

Oregon has many programs and services addressing the needs of children and families. Early Learning Hubs play a critical role in connecting and coordinating those services on a regional level. Hubs center the voices of families from communities who face historical and current inequities due to factors such as race, income, zip code, or language. With local leaders and communities, Hubs help build a shared vision and support strategic planning by evaluating regional successes, barriers, and opportunities. Through these partnerships, Hubs coordinate priorities, funding, and services to more effectively meet the needs of early learning and care providers, young children, and families.

Early Learning Hubs lead efforts to create an early learning system with:

  • Shared vision: Groups agree as a community on what needs to happen to achieve desired outcomes for children and eliminate disparities for underserved and under-resourced families.
  • Engaged community partners: Families and partners are actively included and engaged in conversation, planning, and evaluation.
  • Focused problem-solving and action: Hubs use data to inform community action planning.
  • Continuous learning and improvement: Families and partners give feedback to adjust and improve local programs and systems.
  • Coordinated strategy: Hubs develop strategies for the shared vision and assist communities with planning, communication, and strategic funding.


Early Learning Hubs bring together cross-sector partners to align services and resources for Oregon's young children and families. To learn more visit https://www.oregon.gov/delc/programs/Pages/hubs.aspx