Early Learning Hub

The Early Learning Hub seeks Governing Board Members

September 8, 2023

Are you passionate about your community? Are you seeking ways to support families and early learning?

As one of our Board members, you will have the opportunity to do just that!

The Early Learning Hub is currently looking for nine new members for the Governing Board to replace those who have retired and/or completed their term of service.

We need representatives from the:

  • Business sector (Linn, Benton, Lincoln Counties)
  • Housing sector (Benton & Linn Counties)
  • Parent Voice (Lincoln & Linn Counties)
  • Health sector (Benton County)
  • Human and Social Services sector (Linn County)

If you are interested, contact EL Hub Director Kristi Collins at elhub@linnbenton.edu

EL Hub Seeks Governing Board Members