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Help Strengthen Families and Prevent Child Abuse

April 21, 2022

By learning about child abuse prevention strategies and connecting families to services and supports, you can help families be healthy and stable, and keep their children safe.  

Last week, the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) shared the following in a news release to mark National Child Abuse Prevention Month:

“Everyone can play a part in strengthening and supporting families,” said Rebecca Jones Gaston, ODHS Child Welfare Director. “While the Child Welfare Division plays a specific role, I want to honor the work that is being done in the larger system of child and family well-being and encourage all Oregonians to be active in preventing child abuse.” 

Click here to read the full news release, which includes a variety of resources for families. ODHS also recognized the work of Relief Nurseries. The Oregon Relief Nursery program serves families in 19 counties across the state and partners with families to establish self-identified goals and build resilience. Visit the Oregon Relief Nurseries website for more information. 

 Another state program, Healthy Families Oregon, offers support and education to families who are expecting or parenting newborns. Trained staff support and empower parents to build nurturing parent-child relationships, learn about child development, and access community resources. Visit oregonearlylearning.com/healthy-families-oregon for more information.

Additional resources and professional development opportunities: