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Thursday, January 11, 2018, 5-8:00pm
Old Mill Center for Children & Families, Ramsay Room
1650 SW 45th Street, Corvallis, OR

“Co-Parenting: Children in Changing Families” Many divorcing parents experience a
dilemma -- at the time their children are in most need of them, they are least emotionally
available. This class helps parents focus on the needs of their children during and after a
divorce. Parents will receive help in separating spousal issues from parenting issues. Topics
include: grieving the loss and moving on, how children react to conflict, active listening, and
other strategies to help kids and parents cope with divorce.

The fee for this class is $45 per person. To register: call 541-757-8068 or select one date
from the list below and complete the registration form at the bottom of this page. Enclose your
check for $45 made payable to Old Mill Center, and mail to the address shown above. Exact
cash, debit, or credit cards are accepted the night of class. If the class you select is full, or if
there is fewer than the required minimum number of participants registered for a class, we
will call you to arrange another date. All classes are held at Old Mill Center from 5:00-8:00
pm. unless you hear otherwise; please attend the class you sign up for.

2018 Dates

January 11, 25
February 8, 22
March 8, 22
April 12, 26
May 10, 24
June 14, 28
July 12, 26
August 9, 23
September 13, 27
October 11, 25
November 8
December 13

Old Mill Center offers education and treatment opportunities for children and families; we cannot answer any legal questions regarding your pending or past divorce, custody issues, or legal status.
Divorcing spouses must attend separate classes.

Childcare is not provided...if you arrive at the class with your child you will be asked to reschedule.