Early Learning Hub

Marc Thielman


Marc Thielman has been Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal for the past five years. Upon arriving in Alsea he built a partnership with Strengthening Rural Families (SRF) and expanded his fledgling preschool into what is now the Alsea Pups Preschool/Pre-K program. Marc have a long history with early learning beginning with his first K-12 Principal job in St. John, WA back in 2001. Aligning the preschool with the K-6 program became necessary as the Head Start Preschool became short of funding and the District began to supplement the program. As a result, Marc and his District developed both Head Start socio-emotional learning with old fashioned letters and numbers and discovered that the preschool students where showing up to Kindergarten ahead of the game. Marc have always taken a lead role in building a balanced preschool in every district he has been in since to include Wallowa, Yoncalla, and finally Alsea.

The opportunity to serve on the Early Learning Hub Governing Board is a natural extension of Marc’s passion for early learning and his support of all students.

Marc is a single dad with seven awesome children, including three sons and four daughters. He enjoys farming, sailing, metal fabrication and working on any kind of machinery. His kids say he is a nerd.