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Connie Adams

Pollywog Community Alignment Specialist

Connie grew up in California with three sisters and a secret place to hide with a good book. Books and reading have always been an important part of her life, and she was determined to pass a love of reading and learning on to her son. It seemed this was accomplished when he decided to read "War and Peace" for fun in middle school.

After many years spent as a homeschooling mom, Connie earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State in Sociology. She is currently learning Spanish as a third language and hopes to earn a Master’s degree before she turns fifty. She previously worked as a home visitor in the Healthy Families program, which was challenging and fulfilling in countless ways. Connie was inspired each day by the parents she visited, who taught her more about life and parenting than any book.

When work, or a good book, is not demanding her attention, Connie spends time walking with her dog, napping with her cat, and sewing quilts with her friends. But she most looks forward to and treasures the serious and silly talks with her son.