Early Learning Hub

Bryan Steinhauser

Business Liaison

Originally from New Jersey, Bryan spent over a decade serving in the Marine Corps and the US Army, having the opportunity to travel to exotic locations around the world, performing all sorts of exciting adventures. Along the way, he picked up a Bachelor’s Degree, double majoring in history and political science. After his military exploits were completed, he put roots down in Texas, worked in private industry in the investigative and compliance analyst fields, found a loving wife, and produced an adorable set of precocious twins, who taught him the powers of patience as well as the need of quality, affordable, and plentiful childcare resources. Moving to Oregon in 2021, he jumped at the opportunity to perform a service for his newly adopted three county community to facilitate and create childcare opportunities for others like himself.

Bryan and his family live in Lebanon. His hobbies include history, fiction, cinema, fine dining, and enjoying the outdoors.