Early Learning Hub

Funded Partners

Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation

The Early Learning Kindergarten Readiness Partnership & Innovation Program invests in promising models for connecting early learning and K-3 education across the state and promotes community and school partnerships that result in measurable increases in children’s readiness for kindergarten.

Funds have been distributed to the following school districts:

  • Corvallis
  • Greater Albany
  • Harrisburg
  • Lebanon
  • Lincoln County
  • Monroe
  • Philomath
  • Santiam Canyon
  • Scio

Title IV-B2

Title IV-B2 funds are invested in community-based family support services designed to improve parenting skills; provide structured activities to parents and children to strengthen the parent-child relationship; transportation, information, and referral services; and early developmental screening of children.

Funds have been awarded to:

  • Family Tree Relief Nursery
  • Old Mill Center
  • Pollywog
  • Young Roots