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Raise Up Oregon: Second Edition (2024 – 2028) is released

October 4, 2023

Raise Up Oregon serves as Oregon’s comprehensive state system plan for early childhood, prenatal to age five. The plan brings together government leaders from early care and education, public education, higher education, health, housing, and human services.

In this introduction video, Sue Miller, Chair of the Early Learning Council, provides background and highlights the principles behind Raise Up Oregon: Second Edition.​

Raise Up Oregon is grounded in equity and the science of child development. By working together, leaders from every system, families, communities, and the public and private sectors can support Oregon’s youngest children during this critical period.

The plan was created by the Early Learning Council and in partnership with six state agencies:

  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Oregon Department of Early Learning and Care
  • Oregon Department of Human Services
  • Oregon Health Authority
  • Oregon Housing and Community Services
  • Higher Education Coordinating Commission

This Second Edition was updated to place a greater emphasis on the following items:

  • Incorporation of anti-racist language
  • Engaging families in the co-design of government programs and services
  • Rural needs
  • Community-based family navigation of government services
  • Culturally specific services
  • Tribal engagement
  • Social/emotional/behavioral services for families and children
  • Transportation needs

The development of this Second Edition included a review of nearly 80 documents from partner agencies. From strategic plans to community engagement sessions to agency assessments and research, the Second Edition considered the lived experiences and feedback from Oregon communities.

View the Raise Up Oregon: Second Edition (2024 – 2028)