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Oregon Voices from the Ford Family Foundation

November 16, 2023

The Oregon Voices is a research project of the Ford Family Foundation that provides a window into the daily realities of life in different parts of the state, especially in Oregon’s hundreds of small towns.

In an increasingly urban state and nation, rural residents often find themselves unseen and unheard in the systems and decisions that affect their daily lives. Rather than focusing on what unites rural and urban experiences, mainstream attention centers on what divides us. The Ford Foundation hopes the Oregon Voices data can begin to shift that – dispelling divisive narratives and stereotypes within our state. As Oregonians, our fate is shared, rural or urban, and we need to see and appreciate each other’s lived experiences to set a course that serves all of us.

The Oregon Voices data set is rich with information — pairing statistics with personal stories. Those who completed the survey generously shared their experiences from living in their part of Oregon. The Ford Foundation continues to analyze the responses received and plans to dive even deeper into the trends and realities that surfaced through a series of data summaries and research briefs focused on particular topics and themes that appeared in the responses.

Read more and explore at ORVoices.org.

Data Summaries by county: Linn, Benton, Lincoln