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Free CPR class for Parents and Teenagers

July 29, 2023
Santiam CPR offers free CPR for parents and teens monthly! The class will cover adult, child, and infant CPR with a special focus on pediatrics.
No registration is required, first come, first served. There is only equipment and instructors for the first 30 participants. www.santiamcpr.com/free
  • August 4th, 3 pm – Fitzpatrick Painting and Construction. 37949 Century Dr. NE, Albany
  • September 10th, 3 pm – The SHOP. 244 NW 2nd St Suite 101, Corvallis
  • October 2023 – Vault Fitness. 370 N 2nd Street. Stayton
  • November 2023 – NW Fit. 600 S Main Street. Lebanon
  • December 2023 – CrossFit HOP. 162 41st Ave SE, Albany
Due to the basic focus on pediatrics, no certification is issued for this class. A certificate may be issued to teenagers who need documentation for school or babysitting.
All the instructors are EMS professionals and either parents or soon-to-be parents who are dedicated to teaching you the skills you need to save a life.