Early Learning Hub

Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation

The State Legislature has awarded the Early Learning Hub a grant of over $500,000 with the following priorities: Shared professional development Family Engagement Kindergarten readiness These funds will flow through the Hub, and allows us to target the funds towards Hub metrics: poverty, free- and reduced-lunch kids, title schools, etc.  The twelve school districts in … Continued

Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is made up of the Committee Chairs from each of the five Work Groups, plus the Governing Board Committee Chairs.  This group meets together remotely each month, at least a week before the next Governing Board Meeting, to plan the agenda for the upcoming Governing Board Meeting. Participating Members: Julie Manning Samaritan … Continued

Governing Board Committee

This Committee made up of twenty-three representatives from Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties, each supporting a different sector of the Hub:  Business, Early Childhood Education, Parents, K-12, Health, and Human and Social Services.  This committee meets monthly to understand and find solutions for the unique problems of our region. 2021 Governing Board Meeting Schedule

Parent Engagement Committee

In 2015, the Early Learning Hub was awarded a $30,000 grant by the Northwest Health Foundation to determine how to get parents in our region to become more involved and develop leadership among diverse communities in the region.  A committee of local agencies and partners was established by the EL Hub to help us to … Continued

Fiscal Oversight Committee

The Fiscal Oversight Committee is made up of 2-4 Governing Board Members.  Their duties include: coordinating with the EL Hub Coordinator and the LBCC Program Accounting Specialist; ensuring that accurate financial information is available to the Governing Board; tracking funding streams and reviewing the financial situation of the Hub; and supporting the Hub budgeting and … Continued

Backbone Alliance

At the March 13, 2014 Shareholder’s Meeting at the Philomath Scout Lodge, partners requested that Linn-Benton Community College, the Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District, and the InterCommunity Health Network – Coordinated Care Organization work together to provide backbone support to the project. This group, plus a representative from each of the three county Health … Continued