Early Learning Hub

Rich Waller

Lincoln County - Business

Rich has been involved in non-profit entrepreneurial ventures and community  activities for over a decade, and is passionate about cause-driven organizations that  positively impact a community. His current position as a Mortgage Loan Originator  with Landmark Professional Mortgage Company based out of Lincoln City allows him  the flexibility to both work and serve the community through connecting with  community partners.  

Formerly employed with Samaritan Health Services as their Community Health  Improvement Specialist in Lincoln County for six years, some of those partnerships  included: Lincoln County – Mental Health Advisory Committee, Public Health  Advisory Committee, Oral Health Coalition, and County Health Social & Economic  Stability Workgroup, and the Healthy Lifestyles Workgroup; LBL Early Learning Hub  – Governing Board, Data & Evaluation and Health Care Integration Workgroups;  Coast To Cascades Community Wellness Network. Many of these he is still  connected with. 

Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Christian  Apologetics, both from Biola University.  

During a nine-month road trip throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rich, along with his  wife and two small children, discovered the Lincoln County Coast and moved to  Lincoln City shortly after that in 2013. In addition to travel, soaking in all the great  outdoor activities here in Oregon, on the Coast, and in the Pacific Northwest is his  passion, and even more so if it includes great food with friends and family.