Early Learning Hub


March 27, 2020

Part of the role of the Early Learning Hub is to help families to remain stable and attached, and the next few months are going to be a test of that role, for you and for us.  We believe that we can help by giving you information and ideas about ways to help and care for your families.

On the Pollywog website is a "Resources for Families" page, and this is a link to that page: https://pollywogfamily.org/resources-for-families/.  Normally that page is used for newsletters, support groups, nutrition and dental care, etc., but we have decided to add two new sections.  One section will contain reputable links to sites that are giving us information about the COVID-19 virus, such as the Oregon Health Authority and the State's Early Learning Division.  A second section will contain links to sites that offer a wealth of ideas for things to keep your family occupied during this period of isolation.  The links here will be rotated weekly so that we can give you as many (or as few) ideas as you can handle!

The Hub will continue to work to keep the families in our region aware and apprised of what is happening, but also keep you safe and secure.  Please know that our thoughts are with you.