Early Learning Hub

Work Groups (Metric Teams)

The Work Groups were initially set-up to focus Hub efforts directly into the areas that will best meet our goals.  The following Work Groups were established:  Pre-K/K-12 Alignment, Health Care Integration, Early Childhood Coordinating Council, and the Data & Evaluation Team.  During most of 2015, these groups met on a monthly basis and partners attended the meetings that were of most interest to them.

In 2016 we are adjusting the timing and content of our Work Group Day meetings in order to make better use of our time and efforts.  During 2016, Work Group Day will be held every quarter to discuss Hub Updates, and updates to each of the Work Groups, including current and upcoming projects.  The length of the meeting will be shortened, and will rotate between the three counties, as it was in 2015.  In addition to the Work Group Day meeting, each Work Group will be deciding individually how often they need to meet in order to accomplish their Work Plan assignments.  The Co-Chairs/Tri-Chairs of each committee will be making those decisions for their group.

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