Early Learning Hub

Regional Hub Group

The State of Oregon and the Early Learning Division currently have 16 Early Learning Hubs covering the state.  In an effort to get the Hubs working together and exchanging information, the position of "Early Learning Hub Facilitator" was created and each Hub was assigned to a Facilitator.  The Hubs were then divided up in groups of four by region.  Our Early Learning Hub Facilitator is Tab Dansby, and the Hubs that he facilitates are:

  • Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub, Inc.  (Lisa Harnisch, Coordinator)
  • Yamhill Early Learning Hub  (Jen Richter, Coordinator)
  • Lane Early Learning Alliance  (Holly Mar-Conte, Coordinator)
  • Early Learning Hub of Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties  (Kristi May, Coordinator)


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