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Parent Engagement Committee

In 2015, the Early Learning Hub was awarded a $30,000 grant by the Northwest Health Foundation to determine how to get parents in our region to become more involved and develop leadership among diverse communities in the region.  A committee of local agencies and partners was established by the EL Hub to help us to conduct Parent Engagement Meetings and to collect data for the grant. Unfortunately, we were not awarded implementation grant funds to continue this work with the Northwest Health Foundation.

The Early Learning Hub has a strong commitment to engaging families as partners in young children's development, and all Hubs are required to include parents in their governance structures and to use their feedback to drive community efforts. So, in spite of not having the additional funding, the Early Learning Hub will continue to build a foundation of equitable family engagement and support meaningful engagement with children and families from all the communities that we serve. Further, we are committed to developing relationships with culturally specific community-based organizations.

We are reconvening this Parent Engagement Committee, and our goal will be to bring in families through formal representation on the Governing Board and in focus groups.  The Hub has hired a Parent Engagement Coordinator, Shirley Blake, on a part-time basis (she is a shared employee with Old Mill Center for Children and Families) and she will be concentrating on building relationships that will help us to accomplish our metric, with the help of the Parent Engagement Committee.

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