Early Learning Hub

Work Groups (Metric Teams)

The Work Groups were initially set-up to focus Hub efforts directly into the areas that will best meet our goals.  The following Work Groups were established:  Pre-K/K-12 Alignment, Health Care Integration, Early Childhood Coordinating Council, and the Data & Evaluation Team.  During most of 2015, these groups met on a monthly basis and partners attended … Continued

Funding and Resources

Responsible for mapping funding opportunities in the region, creating the annual Comprehensive Children’s budget, and identifying and reviewing potential grant opportunities.  Will be working to develop a plan for resource allocation based on Hub metrics and funding streams priority areas.  Works to establish funding streams that align to Hub metrics.  Works to develop funding processes … Continued

P-3 Alignment

It is the responsibility of this Work Group to build connections between families, early learning and K-12.  We will be working to align standards, foster coordination, look at existing services, and build on existing efforts.  In addition, there will be additional funding available from the State for mixed delivery preschool and a Kindergarten Partnership and … Continued

Health Care Integration

The purpose of this Work Group is to inform and facilitate the alignment of Early Learning Hub outcomes with health care sector initiatives. The chairperson is Madeline Sprague. Until further notice, all meetings are held online via Zoom. If you would like to attend, but are not a member of the work group, please email … Continued

Early Childhood Coordinating Council

A forum for the broad based discussion of early childhood programming, including QRIS, ASQ, parenting education, home visiting, and family resource managers.  Responsible for improving the referral pathways for families, identifying under-served children, and identifying strategies or collaborations for providing appropriate services. Work Group Tri-Chairs: Debbie McPheeters  (Benton County Chair) Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service … Continued

Data and Evaluation

The purpose of the Data and Evaluation Work Group is to ensure that the Early Learning Hub has the data it needs to make decisions informed by an understanding of the target population and progress towards outcomes. The Regional Data Book is published as a result of this work. Work Group Co-Chairs: Jerri Wolfe Linn-Benton … Continued