Early Learning Hub

Transformation Grant Committee

The IHN-CCO has “transformative” funding available and we have submitted a Letter of Intent asking for some of those funds to replicate the START training that was held in Lincoln County in April of this year.  The START training was designed to get medical professionals about the value of the developmental screening tool, the Ages … Continued


Pollywog was developed to align health care, parenting education, and early childhood services for children, prenatal to age five, and their families in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties, in Oregon. Initially funded by IHN-CCO through the Early Learning Hub, the project partners with five local hospitals, social service organizations, public health and education, as well … Continued

Governing Board Funding Committee

The Funding Committee is a short-term, ad hoc committee of the Governing Board that is being convened to create a standing policy for the Board regarding the allocation of funds.  The general consensus of the Governing is that the RFA process is of a competitive nature and is not in keeping with the collective impact … Continued

RFA Selection Committee

The Early Learning Hub found that it had a sizeable amount of unallocated funds which would have to be refunded to the State of Oregon if they were not immediately contracted with community partners, so the Governing Board authorized a “Request for Application” (RFA) process so that local agencies present us with Letters of Intent … Continued

Governance Planning Committee

The Governing Planning Committee is responsible for creating a structure for the Hub, and creating a system that allows for freedom of opinion for everyone represented.  Parents are of particular concern to this Committee because we want them represented at the table, as with the other sectors.  We also want to create a checks and … Continued

RFA Planning & Coordination Committee

The RFA Planning & Coordination Committee was responsible for the preparing the RFA documents in order to be considered for an Early Learning Hub.   Participating Members: Cynthia Currin Linn-Benton Community College currinc@linnbenton.edu Tatiana Dierwechter Benton County Health Department tatiana.dierwechter@co.benton.or.us Patty Parsons Benton County Health Department patricia.d.parsons@co.benton.or.us Lauren Sigman Lincoln County School District lauren.sigman@lincoln.k12.or.us Jerri … Continued

Healthy Beginnings + Healthy Communities

On January 14, 2015 the Northwest Health Foundation awarded one-year organizing grants to 25 communities in Oregon and SW Washington as part of its Healthy Beginnings + Healthy Communities Initiative.  The Early Learning Hub of Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties was awarded $30,000 as part of this Initiative.  Key outcomes to be accomplished through this … Continued

Identity Branding Committee

The Identity Branding Committee is a short-term work group that will work with the EL Hub Coordinator and the Madison Avenue Collective to develop our Early Learning Hub brand and related materials, such as a new logo and color scheme, letterhead, business cards, thank you and “blank” you cards, report templates, and a website specially … Continued